Cas No. 35180-01-9

CAS NO. 35180-01-9

CAS NO. 35180-01-9

Top Quality Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate

CAS NO. 35180-01-9 is an internationally recognised identifier for Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate. CAS is an acronym for Chemical Abstract Services which serves as a database for all known chemical substances in the world. This database includes all related references, literature, patents, and other relevant information associated with the concerned chemical compound or substance. It finds use in the field of academics, research, industrial applications, various government projects, etc.

By that principle, CAS NO. 35180-01-9 is associated with Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate, which is a colourless liquid used as a drug intermediate in various pharmaceutical companies. It is largely used as an antiviral agent, anti-inflammatory drug, anti-tumour agent, and also as an antidepressant drug.

Companies such as Connex Pharma have been at the forefront of the industry delivering high-quality drugs for all major medical applications since 2016. Despite being relatively new to the business, we have built our brand from the ground up and are currently one of the leading manufacturers of CAS NO. 35180-01-9 for all major pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad.

CAS No. 35180-01-9 is a proprietary compound meticulously crafted and patented by Connex Pharma. While the specific molecular structure remains proprietary information, it is widely known to possess unique characteristics that set it apart from conventional pharmaceutical agents. The compound has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation, leading to its recognition as a highly promising candidate in the pharmaceutical world.

Advantages and Impact

The emergence of CAS No. 35180-01-9 signals a significant advancement in Connex Pharma's pursuit of novel and efficacious pharmaceutical agents. Its unique molecular properties contribute to enhanced target specificity and reduced off-target effects, enhancing overall safety profiles compared to traditional treatments. Additionally, the compound's favorable pharmacokinetic properties open doors to various administration routes, making it adaptable for oral, injectable, and topical formulations.

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