CAS No. 999-97-3

CAS No. 999-97-3

Best Quality CAS No. 999-97-3

Hexamethyldisilazane, also identified as CAS No 999-97-3, is a colourless liquid with a strong pungent smell. It has multiple applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, and plastic industries. It is mostly used as a hydrophobic agent, which means it repels water and other contaminants coming in touch with it. CAS No 999-97-3 is a unique identifier which stands for Chemical Abstracts Service. It serves as a database for all the known chemical substances in the world. This includes chemical components, reactions, patents, literature references, etc. The unique number assigned to it is to easily locate its information which can be used in the field of academics, research, industry, and government initiatives.

Connex Pharma was founded in 2016 to provide high-quality drug intermediates for various medical applications which includes the production of CAS No 999-97-3 among others. Quality, consistency, and reliability are our guiding forces and we strictly adhere to them. Our production facility is a testimony to our commitment which follows the recommended guidelines of GMP systems.

That being said, our team is built not only on account of their requisite skills and experience but their integrity and commitment to the craft that will allow us not only to deliver quality drugs but also earn the trust of our stakeholders right from the start.

Understanding CAS No. 999-97-3

CAS No. 999-97-3 is a proprietary compound synthesized and patented by Coonex Pharma. Though specific details about its molecular structure remain confidential, it is known to possess a distinctive configuration that sets it apart from conventional pharmaceutical agents. The compound has undergone rigorous testing and preclinical evaluations, showcasing remarkable pharmacological properties that have captured the attention of researchers and pharmaceutical experts worldwide.

Pharmacological Significance

Coonex Pharma's CAS No. 999-97-3 exhibits a diverse range of pharmacological activities, making it a versatile candidate for potential therapeutic applications. Preclinical studies have revealed its efficacy in targeting specific cellular pathways, signaling cascades, and biomolecules critical for various disease mechanisms. As a result, this compound holds immense promise in the treatment of a wide array of medical conditions, including but not limited to oncology, neurodegenerative disorders, inflammation, and metabolic syndromes.

Advantages and Advancements

The emergence of CAS No. 999-97-3 marks a significant advancement in Coonex Pharma's quest for novel and effective pharmaceutical agents. Its unique molecular properties enable enhanced target selectivity and reduced off-target effects, improving overall safety profiles compared to conventional therapies. Moreover, its water solubility and stability open new possibilities for diverse formulation approaches, facilitating oral, injectable, and topical delivery options.