Where i can Buy the best quality CMIC

Looking for a top-rated CMIC manufacturer in India? Head to Connex Pharma today! Found in 2016 by a team of visionaries, we seek to disrupt the industry by delivering high-quality drugs for a wide range of medical applications without costing a fortune. Also known as chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate, this drug is used particularly as an activating agent in the preparation of pharmaceutical drugs.

Only within a few years of our inception, we have already established ourselves as one of the leading CMIC manufacturers in India. The key to our success can be attributed to our relentless pursuit of quality, consistency, and impeccable customer service. Our production systems were developed by a team of highly skilled personnel while keeping a solid understanding of the ever-changing market scenario. Our production centre is spread across 5.4 acres of land which is the nerve centre of all our efforts. It also adheres to GMP norms which also improves our stand with both domestic and international customers. Connex Pharma is both proud and humbled to be considered one of the top CMIC manufacturers in India and strives to be worthy of it with each effort.